Key West Fauna

Tropical critters

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paintings and prints by Florida artist Fran Decker

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Sweet Pea & Hummingbird

Zebra Finches

Blue Kitty Drinks

Bad Girl

Kittens in Bags

Big Blues

Mickey's Rooster

Do Goldfish Dream?


Two Blue Birds

Blue Kitty in Yellow Bowl

Meowy Christmas

Some Egg
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Mango Heaven

Three Butterflies

Key West Chickens

Ubiquitous Chickens

Great Blue Heron

Iguana Love

Alfie and Menschie

Olive You

Good Morning, Bird

Pelicans on Mangroves

Beach Bunnies


Duck, Duck, Ducks

Key Deer

Rooster Walk

Morning Song

Paul's Painted Bunting

Pelicans on Pilings

Little Flamingo

Bunting in a Poinciana

Flamingo Greens

Two Roosters

Window Box Chickens

White Heron

Warbler & Stephanotis

Kitten in a Heart Shaped Bowl

Flirty Flamingos

Black & White Rooster

Rooster in the Mangroves
Little White Heron
Sky Nest