Things in Nests

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Original and Prints/Tiles Available

This series of shells is inspired by and dedicated to people
who have lost their homes through natural disasters or wars.
The broken shells are a reminder of the fragility of homes and to remember that
the animal whose home this once was is no longer living. The insides are painted in
warm colors to evoke the creature who made the shell. The structures of the
shells resonates with patterns in nature and the universe.

Looking In

Blown Away

Sceptre: Once a Castle




Ramparts: Once a Castle

This Once Was a Home

Bare Bones

Hurricane Eye Looking Down

Hurricane Eye Looking Up

Home is Where the Heart Is




Things in Nests

Original and Prints/Tiles Available

Things you don't expect to see in nests depicts animals and other things that
don't ordinarily live in nests in unlikely places, such as a platypus in a pear tree.
This is a commentary on global warming and climate change. Both the shell and
nest series are meant to make the viewer think about what and where
is home and where will we live if our world is changed.
This is particularly relevant to my home on the Florida Keys
as we are subject to frequent hurricanes and first in line to be
submerged when sea level rises as expected in the not-too-distant future.

Pig in a Nest

Fish in Nests II

Mangoes in a Nest

Platypus in a Nest

Elephants in Nests

Lizard in a Nest

Monkey in a Nest

Jellyfish in a Nest

Mouse in a Nest

Tiger in a Nest

Key Deer in a Nest

Caracal in a Nest

Bees in Nests

Prints/Tiles Only Available


Olive You

When the Roof Blows Off

Hurricane Spinning

Spider Conch

Turtle in a Nest

Fish in a Nest

Zebra in a Nest

Frogs in a Nest

Giraffes in Nests

Frog in a Nest-Refugee