Exploration, Experimentation, Fantasies and Dreams

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paintings and prints by Florida artist Fran Decker

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  Original and Prints/Tiles Available  

Pears at a Gallery


A Lemon Tide

Stars and Angels

Sea Dreams



Platypus in a Nest

Elephants in Nests

Lizard in a Nest

Monkey in a Nest

Jellyfish in a Nest

Mouse in a Nest

Tiger in a Nest

Custom House and Clinton Square

Andy at The Key West Art Center
  Prints/Tiles Only Available  


Fantasy Fest

Lemon Landscape

Reef Girl


She Dreams

Key West in Motion

Who Will You Be?

Wall Dive

Three Dreams


Go Down To The Sea

Parrotfish Parade

Habitat for Insanity

Dis-oriented Express

Colors of Key West

Island Time

Fish in a Nest

Colors of Key West Flag

Zebra in a Nest

Bone Island Boogie

Spirit of Olive

The Offering

Giraffes in Nests

Frogs in a Nest


Island Girl